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Social work
Media work
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Safeguarding Advisory Roles
Expert Witness Work
Serious Case Reviews

Joanna is involved in court cases that require an expert opinion of safeguarding practice.
Joanna is a serious case review author. She was one of the first in the country to become accredited by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) as a lead reviewer in the systems approach to reviewing cases and now leads case reviews, using systems methodology. Joanna is looking forward to seeing how the recent Wood review will change the shape of reviews and working with those changes.

Joanna has worked with the media since 2008 and currently acts as an advisor to media organisations around issues of safeguarding children and child protection and works as a consultant on television programmes. She is also a national commentator on these issues.

Joanna is a practitioner. She can help turn theory into practice.

She also facilitates events and organises development days for different organisations.
Joanna has worked with a range of organisations in the short and long term, including Cafcass, Home-Start UK, the Department for Education, Ofsted, local authorities, Local Safeguarding Children Boards, Faith-based organisations and Prospects.

As a safeguarding advisor Joanna is involved with organisations across all sectors, writing and reviewing safeguarding policies, procedures and training and helping schools translate their safeguarding policy into a childís language.She is also involved in auditing and providing external supervision for safeguarding leads in organisations and reviewing their handling of serious incidents, that have not met the criteria for a serious case review. Increasingly this role includes brand management and the consideration of reputational risk.

Joanna sits on the Cafcass quality committee and is safeguarding advisor to Home-Start UK.

Joanna has recently undertaken a risk assessment of an individualís suitability to practice for a faith-based organisation.

Joanna worked with the Department for Education on the "What to do if you are concerned about a child" guidance, having previously advised them on serious case reviews.

Joanna has undertaken a review of a local authorityís Children in Care strategy.

Joanna advises on issues of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, social care, serious case reviews, training, policies and procedures, complex case work and working with the media.